Special Limited Time Offer

Why we’re giving away our Makeup Brush Set for just $2.00!

The Catch? Only 12 Left…

Yeah it sounds crazy. Too good to be true, in fact. But it’s not. This is a perfectly brand new Makeup Brush Set in Travel Case with Mirror with zero flaws, scratches, dents or anything wrong with it what so ever.

So why would we offer this for just $2.00 then? Well it’s simple. We just got listed on Amazon! We are going to sell these for $ 39.99, but we need some reviews.

How To Redeem…

It’s simple.

1) Make sure you have the quantity on the page.
2) Click on the Add to Cart button
3) Click “Proceed to checkout”

When you get to the page where you can Review Your Order, there is a spot for “Gift cards & promotional codes”

Type this code: ELEGANCE (ELEGANCE – in All Caps with no spaces!)

Make sure you click the “APPLY” the code button. That’s it!

Sorry, limit of one (1) at this special price per address. But share the link with others and they can get in on the deal while supplies last!

What to do next…

Click the link below now to redeem your special offer…

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Warning: Only 12 Left…